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Everest Poker

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Mesas Múltiples:  
Niveles Mínimos: $0.02/$0.02 No-Limit, $0.02/$0.04 Limit
Pros: Freeroll Sit'n'Go Tournaments, software comes in many different languages, great VIP rewards system!
Contras: Not open to players from the United States, very few game types to choose from.
Juegos Ofrecidos:
Depósito Mínimo: $5
Métodos de Depósito:
Bono: Bono de Bienvenida $200
Código de Bono: SAVVY200

Reseña Completa

Resumen (Calificado 8 sobre 10)

Everest poker is a medium-sized poker room. Unfortunately players from the United States are forbidden from playing here, however Everest Poker is beloved by European players because it is a very player-friendly poker room! They offer great promotions and features for both new and experienced players... 16 different languages are supported, they offer a free poker tutorial for beginners, have an excellent rewards program and the minimum deposit is only $5! These features guarantee that Everest Poker is one of the favorites among poker players across the globe!

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Selección de Juegos (Calificado 5 sobre 10)

Game variety is the one weak point at Everest Poker. You're only going to find Hold'em and Omaha here! The stakes begin at $0.02/0.04 up to $50/100 in Limit Hold'em and up to $30/60 in Limit Omaha. In No-Limit and Pot-Limit games they use two big blinds, so stakes are between $0.02/0.02 and $50/50 for Hold'em and between $0.02/0.02 and $20/20 for Omaha. When you play at real money tables you'll collect Summit Points which can be converted to cash. It is interesting that you can also find Summit Point tables where you can gamble with Summit Points instead of only real or play money! The Sit'n'Goes offered by Everest compensate for the lack of game variations: the biggest buy-in offered is $500, while the smallest is $0! Yes, you can play in small 'freeroll' Sit'n'Goes! The 10-seat $0 Sit'n'Go has a prize pool of $0.10 (1st place prize is $0.05) and the total prize pool of the 120-seat $0 Sit'n'Go is $0.60 ($0.18 for the winner, 10 places paid). There are also Sit'n'Go 'Step' tournaments where you can climb through 5 steps (starting at just $2) to reach the final, where you can win prize packages worth between $2,500 and $10,000! The Steps are a progressive series of single-table tournaments where the top 2 finishers receive tokens to the next highest step until you reach the final step and play for a giant prize! Everest Poker also offers some great guaranteed tournaments, the biggest has a minimum prize pool of $100,000 with a buy-in of $215.

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Calidad de Jugadores (Calificado 6 sobre 10)

Although they do not currently accept players from the United States, you can still find a lot of European players here, there are more than 15,000 players in peak hours! Of course, a lot of players also means a lot of fish! Choose your table carefully and you'll have no problems making a profit at Everest Poker. Also, since No-Limit and Pot-Limit games have two big blinds instead of a big and small blind, you'll see a lot more action at the cash tables at Everest compared to other sites. Take a look and you'll notice that the players-per-flop percentage is higher at Everest than it usually is at other poker rooms.

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Software (Calificado 9 sobre 10)

Everest Poker's software is really good compared to the average poker room. They have a feature called the 'Training Room', which helps new players to get familiar with the software and poker in general. The table filters are detailed and easy-to-use and make finding the perfect table a simple task. The software is good for players who enjoy multi-tabling since the tables are re-sizable and you can play at up to 12 tables at the same time. The chat can be filtered and detached from the table window, another handy feature is that many of the notifications displayed in chat can be disabled (such as fold, bet pot, all-in, etc.) making it easy to unclutter your chat window. It is also useful that you can enable the 'show pot+bets' option, which helps you to see the exact amount of money in each pot you play for. On top of all that, Everest Poker offers their software in 16 different languages, so there is a large base of international users here!

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Gráficos (Calificado 9 sobre 10)

The table graphics and the player avatars are very nice. The cards are big, easy to read and can optionally be displayed using a 4-color deck. The action is easy to follow as the active player is always highlighted in an obvious fashion. As for graphics options, you can select from between 12 different themes, the 'kitchen' theme is very funny! Table themes can also be very useful, for example... If you play at both Hold'em and Omaha tables at the same time, you can use one theme for Hold'em and another for Omaha to make it easier to tell which game is being played at the different tables you have open!

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Rentabilidad (Calificado 10 sobre 10)

If the variety of games at Everest is the weakest part of this poker room, profitability potential is the strongest point! The Everest Poker VIP system is very player-friendly... There are 7 different tiers, each with it's own great benefits. As you move up in tiers you gain more bonus points for playing (from a 200% increase up to 900%), and you can convert the points you earn into cash! The monthly Points-to-Cash conversion limit is $50 for players starting out at tier 1, but goes up to $5,000 per month at the highest tier! You can also use your Summit Points to pay for tournament buy-ins and as currency in the Everest store where you can buy a lot of useful things and even some extraordinary items such as an Aston Martin DB9 Coupet! With all of these great offers and easy-to-beat competition you should have no problem climbing to higher and higher stakes at Everest Poker!

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Calificación Total (del 1 al 10)
Resumen 8
Selección de Juegos 5
Calidad de Jugadores 6
Software 9
Gráficos 9
Rentabilidad 10
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